Is there a way to hide a command after it was typed?

I would like to create a command called (for example) !stuff

After !stuff is typed, it causes an action and then is removed from the chat, blanked out, etc. Is this possible?

I don’t know why would really want that but, you can remove it’s self through an alias.

!commands add !stuff -a=!commands delete !stuff

No real way to give it an action as the alias is just to delete itself.

The goal is to be able to have someone type some in channel and have it be not seen - so for example

!quizanswer - 46

And then the !quizanswer - 46 would be immediately removed or XXXXX’d out from the screen

BTW - Thank you for the quick reply!

Sorry but, there’s no way to delete messages from chat through a command.

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Or blank out the text with XXXXX’s, kinda of like the filter does? I tried, setting the filter to the command name, but it seems like the filter has priority over the command.

Or change the text to black on black (white on white) for that line of text that was just inputted into the command.

!quizanswer - 46

Then afterword the !quizanswer - 46 is changed to white text? I know I’m grasping, and I’m currently researching as I’m asking.

Again, thank you for the quick replies.

***'s only appear when a word is added in Twitch’s Banned Words or the word is globally banned word. You also cannot change the color of text in chat. So all and all this just isn’t possible, sorry.

I figured that was a possibility! Thank you for trying!

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