Is there a way to get 2 commands to work off of one command?

is there a way to get 2 commands to work as one? i have 2 seperate commands i want to work as one when someone punches in one of the commands, say i have a !team command and a !schedule command, is there a way i can get them to work as one whole command… if i was to use the !team command, i want the !schedule command to work at the same time. is that at all possible? i have tried adding one command as an alias but that just makes the first command useless and posts the second command instead

also, i would like it to direct the command to a user, is there a way to do that too?

Nightbot only supports one command at a time. You can use an alias to make a command trigger another command but thats the fullest of its extent. Sorry.

thanks, i was just hoping that there was a way for me to make 2 commands merge into one without them being one command so that one command could trigger them both :confused:

do you know if there is a way to make the commands direct to the user who typed the command in?

You can merge them both into one command and use another command to create an alias to that command.


!commands add !hi Hi
!commands add !hello -a=!hi $(query)

User: !hi
Nightbot: Hi

User: !hello
Nightbot: Hi

You can use the $(user) variable to get the name of the user who typed the command in.

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