Is there a way to enable song requests via URL only?

The !sr searchwords for song feature is cool on paper, but the problem is a lot of people will just do something like !sr song and then when it requests some random song they’ll be like “oh, I didn’t mean that, can you delete it?”

Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a speedrun and have no mods there, so I can’t just stop playing to delete songs for them, and even if mods are there, it’s annoying for them to have to keep deleting songs for people (or explaining how they can delete them themselves)

Please could you add an option to allow Youtube URLs only? This way there shouldn’t be a problem with people getting the correct song


Users can delete their own songs, so you don’t need to do it for them. For more info, read the docs: With any new system, it takes time for people to learn. Over time this “issue” will occur less and less, eventually becoming less annoying.

Users can also delete their requested songs from the songs list webpage after logging into the page, if they prefer. They can get a link to the songs list with !songs list.

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