Is there a list of all the nightbot command prefixes like -ul= , -a= , -cd= and -c=

While I do not know the correct name for this part of the command, I have just been calling them prefixes, I have trawled through the main page and tried searching on the forum but cannot find a list of some sort. The main page details three of these prefixes on the !commands page under advanced commands but I know there is more. is there some sort of list out there what details them all?

Hey @bartojnr!

There’s only 3 parameters which are -ul= for userlevel, -cd= for cooldown, and -a= for alias.

-c= is used to update the $(counter) variable if used in the command that’s being edited, you can find many example on how to use it on the forum.

But that’s it, I don’t know where you got the idea that there was more from?

I know the documentation isn’t very up to date, like in the commands page I linked the twitch_vip userlevel is missing for example, it would be nice if the usage of -c= was described on the $(count) variable page, and plenty other things, but you can still find all that extra information here, in the forum.

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