Is It Really Necessary To Get Rid of This?

I don’t know CSS and the options for OBS Chat are not idiot friendly. I’ve never liked the way OBS chat looks in my stream or I would have switched to it months ago.

Do you really have to get rid of BetterTTV? OBS Chat is ugly by default. I liked my chat having an invisible background with bright colors of the written text.

BetterTTV isn’t going anywhere. Do you meant the “Black Chat” option for BetterTTV?

Yeah that’s what I mean.

We’re removing something that should not have been part of BetterTTV in the first place. It doesn’t make sense to have a streaming tool embedded in a browser add-on.

In addition, anytime Twitch performs updates to their chat theming or we add new features that modify chat, we have to then backport changes to work on this chroma key theme. It’s a barrier to adding new features, since the chat is transparently captured. There’s also always been issues with chroma key itself masking emotes and usernames unintentionally.

It makes no sense to support an old substandard technology like chroma key for capturing chat when you can inject directly into OBS/XSplit. It’s more efficient and straightforward.

This is the direction we’re going, so instead of stating you don’t like something you consider opting to provide feedback on how it can be improved.

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