Is it possible to stop the chat for 5 secs?

One follower wanted to make a command to just stop the chat for 5 secs for all the followers that can only be used by mods or the streamer itself, but I didn’t know if it was possible to stop all people from chatting

That is not really possible, sorry.

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Isn’t there any way like making the chat to mods only or something like that?

As far as I know, the only chat-restricting commands related to userlevel are /subscribers and /followers. Using /subscribers is an OK workaround if a channel isn’t affiliated/partnered or has VIPs; this command only allows subs, VIPs, and mods to use chat, and if a channel doesn’t have any subs or VIPs, then this command basically works to only allow mods to talk.

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I’d suggest the emote-only option, or the slow chat option, as well. It could highly reduce the amount of people talking for a bit.
Here’s the Twitch documentation:

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