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Is it possible to set up a nightbot command to be interactive between multiple users?

I want to set up a simple darts game.
So one person can do !darts, then nightbot responds with
"Darts game started! Do !darts to join! – Accepts a limit of like 2-3 people.
Then once the 3 people do !darts, now those 3 people can play darts.

user1: !throwdart

Nightbot: $(user1) throws a dart… +7! $(User1) now has 7/301 points

user2: !throwdart

Nightbot: $(User2) throws a dart… +50! $(User2) now has 50/301 points

Until someone gets to 301 then nightbot just says congratz $(User1) won!

Guessing i need some kind of server and api to store all that data.

Hey @breebreebran!

Yes, you’ll need to build an API and to store some code on a server, otherwise this isn’t possible to have Nightbot do minigames like that, if you’re feeling like it that’s great, and in which case, here’s the link to Nightbot’s API Docs.

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