Is it possible to make a countup different for each day of the week?

I have seen how the countup works, but i want to know if it is possible to make a command that counts up from the hour when the stream should have started.
For example, i want to put a count up that starts at 17:30:00 CET on tuesday and thursday, but i also want to put a countup that starts at 22:00:00 CET on the same days, or different days.
Is it possible to make a command like that? If it is, how can I make it?


The following command response will return the countup based on what day of the week it is:

$(eval a=`$(countup $(eval a=new Date;b=a.toString().split(` `).slice(1,4);c=[`SUNDAY TIME`,`MONDAY TIME`,`TUESDAY TIME`,`WEDNESDAY TIME`,`THURSDAY TIME`,`FRIDAY TIME`,`SATURDAY TIME`];d=c[a.getDay()];d?b.join(` `)+` `+d:`e`) EST)`;!a.includes(`Invalid`)?a:`No stream scheduled for today!`)

Replace SUNDAY TIME/MONDAY TIME/TUESDAY TIME… etc with each day’s corresponding stream starting time (in 24-hour EST time and without any timezone tag at the end). If there is no stream scheduled for a particular day, replace that day’s corresponding starting time with an empty string ``

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