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Is it possible to have different NightBot blacklist settings for Twitch and YouTube?

I am a Moderator for a tournament that is streamed on Twitch and Youtube simultaneously. The audiences for Twitch and Youtube Chats are completely different as Twitch is tamer than Youtube in my instance. Is there a way to enable a blacklist filter for youtube that is different from Twitch?

Ideally, I would like to have the Blacklist of words and phrases on Youtube be different than that of Twitch. I have also Blacklisted words and phrases on Youtube’s chat moderating platform, however, it’s very inconsistent on picking it up. I hope my question was clear and concise. Anything helps, cheers.

At this time you cannot use the same account between streaming platforms. So anything you change on the Twitch account (either as a manager or using the Twitch account) will only effect the Twitch channel. Anything on the YouTube channel will require adding you as an additional manager and will only effect the YouTube channel. Hope this clears up any confusion.

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I appreciate the feedback, Aaron. Would you suggest creating a separate NightBot Account for Youtube?

Well you already have seperate accounts for both Twitch and YouTube for streaming and Nightbot. This will also need to be done for manager moderation if you don’t have direct account access.