Is it possible to get userlevel of a user in chat

I’d like to make a command that treats subscribers differently than followers i.e. !prize user and if the userlevel of the user is sub then give prize x, else give prize y. However userlevel only works with the callee of the command.

To my knowledge there is no current way to get the user level of anyone beside the command user. I’ve read over the docs and there is atleast no documentation of something existing I know not everything is documented though but probably not.

I will say however I do think that this could actually be a very useful functionality if they were to implement some $(touser) variant of the $(userid) and $(userlevel).


I looked further on the forms cause I remember coming across something I thought might work as an alternative but sadly it doesn’t list the subscribers

It may be possible to get a list of subcribers but the only problem is the api isn’t documented from what I can find so I guess see if you can find anything or if anyone else on this forum could be of help. Good luck on your quest.


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