Is it possible to change the color on the chroma follower url?

It would be really helpful if you could change it because my follower alert is green and it makes it black and white. Could I maybe change it to blue or red some how?

Are you using OBS? If you are you don’t need to use the chroma key one. that one is for xSplit. As of right now the most common chroma key used and easiest to key out is the chroma neon green.

I’m using xSplit and I could use the green chroma key but my follower notification is green therefor making it black and white. So I used Google Chrome then I clicked on the web page and selected “Inspect element”. I then went to background color and clicked the little white square and changed the color to blue and turned up the opacity. It’s correctly colored now! The only downside is that I have to do this every time I open the web page.

Noted, Maybe Night or Dev can figure out a way to pick chroma background color but they are super busy with alot of stuff right now. But thanks for the info.

We hope to have better integration with XSplit in the future, but for now things will remain as they are.

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