Invisible tips list [solved]

I started using Streamtip today and I created some tips to do some tests. The problem is that a sudden the tips list disappeared. The tips appear normally in dashboard. I wanted to delete this tips I created, but I can not. How can I solve this problem?


EDIT: After making several tests, I found that the problem does not occur in Chrome. Before I was using Firefox.

*Sorry for my bad english.

It looks like the APIs were not loading on that page. Are you still able to reproduce this in Firefox even now? Firefox works properly on that page for me, so I’m curious why you’d not be able to load the page properly.

Apparently, everything returned to normal in Firefox. I tried to add more tips, trying to reproduce the problem, but continues functioning normally in Firefox.

I can not pinpoint exactly what may have caused this problem. Before I even cleaned the Firefox cache and open it again, but the problem persisted. Only when I deleted the tips using Chrome is that everything is back to normal.