[Invalid Variable]


I am working on a custom command that utilizes my outside server. I have made such commands in the past without issue, but for some reason I am having trouble on this new one. I have commented out all sections of my own code on my site and just have it echoing back success, but still the issue persists. It seems to be something to do with my use of the variables. An example of my command is as follows:

$(urlfetch http://mysite.com/folder/post.php?user=$(user)&bgurl=$(querystring))

Every time I call this, no matter what string I put after !bgrequest, it returns the error [Invalid Variable]. I have had success using the normal query command for plain old strings, but I need to use this one because it is my understanding that it will encode URLs and I am trying to pass image URLs. I have tested with both URLs and just ordinary strings and get the same response either way. Any ideas?


The example you posted seems to work fine. If your getting Invalid Variable its usually because of misspellings or are missing ()'s,

It is also worth noting that this variable only works on the Nightbot beta. You will need to upgrade to the beta if you haven’t already.

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