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Invalid image (duplicate emote) when uploading new emote

I am trying to submit an emote, same as cowJAM, but sped up to 142 BPM to match techno jammers. The original is 114 BPM ish. I download the original, speed it up to the correct BPM, and submit the emote (112x112px) under a new name, cowJAMx. This yields the error message:

invalid image (duplicate emote) View Original Emote - link to cowJAM (can’t like since I’m new)

I have double checked, and the file I upload is not the same as the linked one (well it looks the same, but it is sped up). Is this an error in how the duplicate is found, or is it against TOS somehow?

Hey @frolex!

This isn’t a bug, this is the intended behavior, even if the speed is different, the emote remains basically the same, therefore it’s autodetected as a duplicate, there’s nothing you can do other than making a completely new emote, BetterTTV doesn’t allow for duplicates of the same emote, sorry.

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