Integration with LiveSplit?

I’m wondering if anyone knows, or potentially if the developers are interested in a way to integrate LiveSplit and Nightbot more fully.

Specifically, I’d love it if there was a plugin for LiveSplit, that would allow each split to call a command on the bot via the API. Potentially you could have the bot give current information about the split (answer common questions ahead of time), and even give best times and average times for that specific split.

Of course, this would require a plugin for LiveSplit to be built in C#. I contacted the creator of the SpeedGuidesLive plugin a few months back, and he gave essentially a template for having per-split inputs, which in this case would be the API endpoints to be called.

I’m not a C# developer myself, so I was wondering if anyone more knowledgeable would have interest in figuring this out.

If you elaborate on what exactly it would need to do and how it should function we might be able to add a command variable for it.

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