Integration problems / role being created and deleted


I am not able to integrate Nightbot with my Discord server. Whenever I try to do this, the Nightbot role is created and deleted shortly thereafter. No other bot is interfering because I did the test by disabling everyone with the permission to manage members and jobs.

We shipped a fix for this behavior, so it should join properly now.

The behavior has been fixed but the roles are not being synchronized. Was it a bug?

Hey @jogaaivei!

What type of roles aren’t sync? Nightbot will only sync moderators, Twitch VIPs, and Nightbot Regulars that have linked their account to Discord. For subscribers/members use the Discord integration.

Hello @Emily

I did tests on a secondary Twitch account with VIP role, linked to another secondary account on Discord and the role does not change. I have already updated several times and the situation remains the same. It also happens with other roles.


I forgot to say the users need to talk in Discord for Nightbot to notice them.

Unfortunately nothing has changed. I have the Mee6 bot integrated on my server with the audit on and no change of role was made by the bot Nightbot.

Has Nightbot the permission to Manage Roles and is his own role above the roles it needs to assign?

Yes. In fact, Nightbot is as an administrator.

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