Instantly denying my emotes

Every time i try to upload an emote, i get a message saying the following.
Kinda ironic considering the last emote i checked, the channel had 0 followers, 0 viewers, and had never streamed before.
I was able to upload one emote before, and now today i cant upload anything.
Help pls.

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The error was just implemented today. Fairly self explanatory. Good luck!

How many views/followers is ‘big’ exactly?
idm this though, prevents people from submitting emotes for nothing but discord.

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We do not give that info out, as it would then make it easy enough to bypass. It should be no issue for any streamers or people to get past though.

The point of the feature is not to flock discord users to BTTV in the hopes that they upload emotes. We are not a host for discord emotes, BTTV emotes are for twitch and the discord integration is a side thing. There has already been a crazy influx of emotes for our extremely small team of emote approvers. This is one method to combat that.

You don’t have to stream, its just that if you stream you will easily surpass the follower requirement. If you are on a discord server with enough people and want emotes bad enough just tell them to follow your twitch. It is not that hard.

Well you can only link emotes to a server you have the proper high level access to, so it would likely be a server you are known in? Otherwise yes, it is fairly “douche-y” to do so in a random server.

How exactly does this effect users that are paying the $5 monthy fee? I am also a discord user with very little twitch presence and I cant bypass this.

They are affected by this as well. Being a pro user does not allow them to bypass our rules or limitations still set in place, whether it be when gone over by emote approvers themselves or when uploading an emote directly to the site. You still have access to the 25 shared emotes and 5 personal emotes however. We should likely put a disclaimer when prompting for payment to ensure that people understand that though (pro is mostly about getting more slots for the streamers though, it wasn’t made with discord in mind at all).

I would really like to urge people that it is not a large amount at all. The threshold can easily be passed, it is mostly to stop people who are PURELY using it for small discord servers (we aren’t a host for discord), and alternate accounts that people make to bypass the amount of emotes they can upload (something that has been a pain for approvers for a while).

Any voiced concerns will be heard, so i am glad that multiple people have spoken on the subject. Its not perfect, and i can definitely understand the frustration if you don’t meet the requirements.

I honestly don’t think I can even use 25 emotes, I cannot get past 3 however which is causing me some pain. I am okay with it being this way, breaking the cap should be easy assuming it’s not over 20-50, it’s just a quality of life issue to me.

In summary, the integration’s purpose was for BetterTTV users, and more specifically Twitch streamers who use BetterTTV, to be able to sync their channel’s emotes to their Discord server. Unfortunately since we were receiving over 4 times the amount of daily uploads we were receiving prior to the Discord integration, it became clear that Discord users were registering just to upload emotes for their server. While we appreciate everyone’s interest, we don’t have any intention of supporting the hosting of Discord emotes. Someone else is welcome to make a similar service just for Discord to cater to the need, but unfortunately we are not the right solution to the “custom emotes on Discord” problem.

You are blocking off a bunch of new users, and honestly I feel like this site is going to die because of this.

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This will only prevent “bunch of new users” making accounts and uploading emotes just for Discord . The emote system was designed for Twitch stream and this restriction will hardly effect actual users.