Install.bat - Is Something Missing?

When I double click the install.bat file, all it does is open a command prompt window and does nothing else. Am I missing something?

Have you tried to right click and run as admin? I just tested and it works for me. You can also manually install the files located in “clrbrowser4” folder. Just make sure to install the plugin to the right OBS locations. x64 with x64 plugin folder and x86 with x86 plugin folder.

I’ve tried running as admin but it doesn’t help. I also tried installing the contents of the x64 in the x64 plugin folder and the contents of the x86 in the x86 plugin folder but I can’t seem to add CLR Browser as a source. Any suggestions?

are you all up to date with OBS? You might need to uninstall OBS and reinstall. Also are you all up to date with .Net and Visual

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