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Information about Viewer

Hello, when in a stream i click on a random viewer, it shows the classic informations but also 3 more added by BetterTTV : a number “of views”(with a eye icon), a number “of likes” (with a heart icon) and the “birthday date” (with a cake). I can see these informations on every name I click. Only if I click on my own name, these 3 informations (icons) are not there anymore. If other users click on my name, they can see these icons on my card. So only I myself, on my own card, can’t see these informations anymore.
Any solution on it? Thanks for helping me out.

No one an idea? I’ve tried it with my extra Notebook… Same problem! So it must be a problem with the settings I think. How can I fix this?

Hey @Deddi57!

BetterTTV just doesn’t show this information because you can find it easily yourself since it’s yours, it’s not a bug nor a problem as it’s by design, hence why there’s nothing you can do about it to “fix it.”

Hello @EmilyPerrimon,
I’ve asked other users and they can see these informations on their own card! So BetterTTV show these informations normally.

Oh, you’re right, my bad. Weirdly enough these information didn’t show up for my own card either when I checked the other day, but it does today. It must be due to loading issues then, but it’s not a setting to change—given that I didn’t change anything, or a code issue—as the problem fixed itself in my case.

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