Inconsistent spam response

When using NightBot, it is not consistent in responding to spam. For example. EMOJI spam detection… Nightbot only responds sometimes… and skips a lot. Is this a known issue?

Hiya, on what platform are you seeing this and what are you spam protection settings?

Youtube is the platform. Settings were default for “emoji” protection. All other spam protection types disabled.

Do you have a specific line of chat we can post in YouTube chat to replicate the behavior? I’m not able to reproduce any issues.

I don’t have a particular pattern, however - the chat in question was VERY fast. Is it possible that the bot was not coping with the load of messages inbound, and skipping some?

That’s not really possible unless YouTube is ratelimiting us. It is worth noting that Nightbot will not repeat spam messages within a short time window, so it might be silently performing actions at high velocity.

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