Inappropriate song requests (please address)

hi, im a streamer partnered with the twitch website. over the past month 3 people in a discord have been exploiting the feature that you can still request songs to a specific nightbot regardless of being banned in the chat. they dont even have to make other accounts, they use an autoclicker and just !sr from another chat or something. one of my mods said this “they exploit the playlist at”, anyway they use it to get videos from youtube of Child pornography, dogs being stepped on, gore, the word “nigger”, etc PAST my 5 active mods. AND THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP THEM. i have been exposed to it every single stream for the past month…

are you going to do something about this? putting it in “regular” or “sub only” song request HURTS my revenue and entertainment value because im not a large streamer.

People can only request songs in discord servers where the nightbot is connected to your twitch account. It cannot be done in any arbitrary location, it would have to be your discord.

Nightbot only responds to song requests for that channel. You can’t go to a different channel and request a song for you, that’s just not how it works.

If they know its happening why aren’t they trying to stop it? Also a few of those are just straight up violations of youtube Terms of Service.

As has always been said, if people are requesting songs you do not want: ban them, change the permissions, limit your songs to the playlist, be more active and careful with what is requested. There are many ways to prevent this sort of thing, i don’t know what you want us to do.

If there is a real bug here, give reproducible steps, but you have given no information that suggests there is an actual bug/glitch here.

Edit: In addition, nightbot has protections in place that prevents banned users from requesting songs at all.

im going to send a video of a moderator attempting to police my song list at full force, they click the little trash can and it reappears in the same spot of the Que robotically no matter how many times you try and stop it. i thought my discord was the root of the issue so i disconnected it with my twitch and also made a new discord entirley. that didnt change anything. regardless of the youtube t.o.s it still takes anywhere from an hour or DAYS to remove those videos. they put them in music catagories and have like bots to bypass the filter limits.

What is your twitch channel? I am willing to take a look at what is going on and pass the information on to Night to possibly monitor.

i assure you i would not be here talking about it if i wasn’t entirely defeated.

Also, i just got what you meant by they exploit the playlist at, so i will say that users need to have talked in chat recently to request a song, if they haven’t they will get a message like this:

So anyone who is requesting these songs is at the very least talking in twitch chat prior, and also nightbot says who requested the song in the playlist queue. Looking at your queue i can see that were_all_pinecoon has requested such a song.

To be clear. You have a few options:

  1. You can make song requests subscriber and up, and then any non-subs you trust if you set them as nightbot regulars they will be able to request songs.
  2. Limit song requests to a platform like soundcloud or spotify where this is less likely to happen
  3. Have your own custom playlist then limit users to only request from that playlist
  4. Have your mods check songs beforehand, and ban anyone requesting bad songs.

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