In-stream commands on YouTube

Hi, I’m a moderator on a few YouTube channels. I’m not the streamer so I don’t have access to the Nightbot settings but I have managed to add a good number of commands just by typing !addcom !command_name -ul=moderator in chat.

I’m trying to figure out a couple things.

  1. I’d like to make a message cycle every 5 minutes, so I don’t need to type the command all the time.
  2. I’d like to add words to the blacklist and edit the blacklist settings to adjust the timeout length for using the words.

Is it possible to do these with chat commands or would I need to get the streamer to do it in the settings?


Hello, Nathan!
Since you moderate on Youtube, go to Nightbot’s site and click “Log in with Youtube” next click your Profile Pic and then settings. You should see your UserID, then have the owner do the same thing but click “New Manager”. Send them your ID and Tah-dah <3

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