Improve $(userid) to take optional argument

I hope $(userid) can take optional argument. So I can query user’s id. ex: I need this to implement ban system.

It is not possible to query someone’s id with the userid variable. It simply returns the id of the user using the command.

I mean I want this change. I need this to do some permission related function. I understand currently it’s not supported.

That’s the problem, only one service supports unique usernames (Twitch). For YouTube and Discord you can’t resolve a user ID from a name; a Nightbot variable change can’t really solve this issue.

I don’t read Discord API but I don’t think so. I can copy userid from user list in discord.(enable developer mode) NightBot can get uerid in $(uerid). Why do you think this is impossible? It depends on whether NightBot implements it or not. Account name in discord is unique.

Account name in discord is not unique. That’s why it is @username#discrim there can be 9999 people with the same name. If you ping them (thus using the userid, which is unique), then it will work, but it still easily lends itself to error, and there isn’t a huge need for such a thing. With little need, and potential issues with some platforms, it seems odd to add as a feature.

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