Importing Spotify playlists into Nightbot

Hey guys.

How do I import my Spotify playlist into Nightbot?

I can’t seem to be able to make a new playlist or import my playlist into Nightbot to merge with the already existing one :\

My playlist:

Thanks in advance.

This functionality works fine for me make sure that your on the Playlist Page.

I don’t see any options in that page to import my songs though, only a search engine to browse through the songs that are already in the playlist :confused:

Make sure you disable any ad-blocking software as that might be hiding the buttons as they are right above the search bar.

I’m not using an add blocker and I still don’t have that button.

I tried Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. They all look the same, there’s no button in any of them :confused:

You have to change the Playlist to Channel in the AutoDJ settings. Changes cannot be made to pre-existing playlists like Monstercat. On this same page you will icons for Importing after.

Yes, that’s what was missing. Thanks a lot for all the help, the playlist is working now :slight_smile:

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