Image freezing on any quality option besides Source

hey guys, first i would like to say that my english is not very good, but anyway, i’m having a problem with twitchcast for a few weeks now, where i can’t watch anything below the Source quality (highest, the leftmost option), because the image keeps freezing, but the sound runs perfectly

you may ask why i would want to watch anything below the highest quality, and the reason is that the internet in one of the places where i watch oscillates a lot and sometimes it will not run on source (will lag a lot), only on high, but that was never a problem, always ran perfectly fine on any quality, but now i’m having this weird problem where the image keeps freezing every 2 seconds with the audio running fine if i’m not on the highest quality

it’s not a stream problem, as this happens with any channel i try and it started just a few weeks ago… is there a way for me to fix this? thanks in advance

Where are you located? We only have servers for west/east coast US and one in Amsterdam for EU users. Perhaps you’re far from our servers and the route from your ISP to us is not good enough to support stable video streams.

hello night, thanks for the answer… i’m located in brazil, but i’m not sure that is the problem, seeing how i can run on the highest quality just fine when the internet cooperates, but not on lower qualities (even when the internet is good enough for source quality)

also, it’s really different from lag (slow moving image with cutting sound), it’s literally freezing the the image for about 2 seconds with the sound running perfectly, and it started only a few weeks ago, before that it would run fine on any quality

I mean it sounds like Twitch’s encoding servers are the fault then. Is the picture quality the same when watching those lower qualities on PC?

the picture quality definitely changes according to the quality i choose when watching on pc… what i’m doing now is using the ‘cast this tab’ option from the chromecast to cast the whole page without activating the twitch app, it’s the only way i can watch without the stream freezing the whole time

not sure why that works, but it works… unfortunately it’s not so smooth as when i use twitchcast, but it’s the only way i could find to watch on my tv

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