Image cropped if the chat is active

A few days ago this started to happen.

I cannot reproduce this… Does it happen with the other chat modes?

It happens with all chat and video modes, I didn’t change anything on my side so I’m guessing it happened after an update. Also tried it with Chromium, Vivaldi and Chrome and it happens in all of them.

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What version of the Chromecast do you have? Do you know what version of the OS the Chromecast is running?

The old model with firmware 1.20.66189

My device shows latest as 1.19a.63621, so perhaps there is an issue on newer firmwares?

That is what I was thinking, we’ll see if that is the case when yours gets the update (or someone else has this problem) meanwhile let me know if you need something else.

This is now happening locally. After investigating it appears to be a Chromecast bug. I’ve opened an issue with them.

Are there any updates on this issue? I’ve been having the same issues mentioned by Niko. I have Firmware 1.20.66189.

Here is the bug report that night submitted, we have to wait for them.

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