Im completley new at this, i just want help to understand

I have some few questions, but before i ask them i would just like to say to other streamers or upcoming streamers, that getting anywhere with donations without getting chargebacked is reeeeally hard, and that’s why this is my last place i will ask, andif these guys also have the charge back thing, then there is noone and then it’s best just not to make donations.

Question 1.
Does StreamTip have any connection to Paypal, and cause im asking is Paypal cannot be trusthed.

Question 2.
Do you make possibilities for charge backs, and if yes are you then the same kind of douchebags as Paypal or what?

Best Regards

I’ll try my hand at these:

  1. Yes, Streamtip does use PayPal as one of its payment methods. As to it’s security that doesn’t pertain to Nightdev. Due to using PayPal there also will be smalls fees associated with tips in the form of a monthly invoice. Note: At this time there is an option to tip BitCoin through CoinBase for no fees to you.

  2. The possibly of chargebacks is a built-in “function” to PayPal which is out of Nightdev’s control. So yes, the possibility of a chargeback could happen. There is no stopping that. A dispute would then have to filed through PayPal. However: If a chargeback does occur a hold is placed on a user preventing them to use StreamTip as a donation source.

Hopefully it all works out for you.

Well, yeah it’s just really annoying that everybody missuses the chargeback possibility, but thanks for the quick response!

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