Im cant find how to do greetings message on user "hi' -not working

im cant find how to do greetings message on user "hi’ a command set to any text like. Hi, hello, hey, etc. And you set the command to “Hello $user”. So if I were to say “hello” nightbot would respond “hello brenbread” . That’s one way to do things.

maybe somebody know? or where to read about how to do that task…???

The variable is $(user) rather than $user, so the command would be !commands add hi hi $(user)

You would need to create separate commands if you wanted Nightbot to respond to other words (hi, hello, hey, etc).

If you wanted something more advanced you could randomize Nightbot’s response with a custom api such as this one: [quote=“rtainc, post:1, topic:4102”]…+[0]&choices=CHOICESReturns a random choice from the parameter. Comma-separated.

(you can find out more about custom api’s here)

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thx a lot … now is working…

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