I'm auto approved for submission, but I just wanted to get clarification

To be clear I’m a mod for their channel, I got approval from the streamer.

I am also apparently getting auto-approved for uploading emotes, yay, but I don’t follow the philosophy of asking for forgiveness later than begging for permission.

Hence why I wanted to run this by someone else since I’m extremely biased towards the negatives all the time, I was wondering if there was a review team member or a mod here that can confirm where I can upload this next gif as an animated emote or if it violates guideline 5?

Gif I want to turn into an animated gif:

Let’s turn this on its head. Why do you think it does violate guideline 5?

I’m just overtly over cautious and it could be inferred or interpreted to be sexual, breaking that guideline of no lewdness. I usually air on the side of caution but I could just be overreacting.

There was prior context to it but I fear someone looking from the outside may misinterpret it and I didn’t want to inject my own favoritism for the streamer into the decision to upload it or not.

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I see… well I’d say it’s probably fine as there’s nothing technically in violation with this emote (it’s just a person shaking an item).