Ignore messages [only in overlay] that begin with # and < or [really anything] not just ! via the checkbox


I’m trying to find a way to have KapChat ignore displaying specific messages from [myself or even anyone else in my chat] that generate via a game (Immortal Redneck) which has twitch integration through the twitch API (I do not type or send them they are sent by the game) and the vote commands sent by users in my chat.

Is there a listing somewhere of all of the CSS functions I can alter for KapChat within the browser source modification window?

Examples of the ones I’m aware of currently:


Is there a list of these and the rest of them somewhere for us to reference?

Really not sure why this seems like such a mystery.

.chat_line[data-chat=&#35;*] {  
    display: none;  

This sure looks like something that should work, but ‘data-chat’ is an assumed function/context that I have no idea if it exists.

&#35;* which is also #* would work in DOS or whatever.

I mean cmon, where’s the references?

Simple answer to this thread would be “There are none.” and then I could move on to finding a different way to attack this issue.

Sorry but we don’t a way to accomplish this with just CSS alone as a CSS selector cannot target content text.

So how exactly does the checkbox for ignore bot commands work?

Could it be modified to exclude lines with a customized list of symbols aside from just ‘!’?

The bot_activity flag simply doesn’t display messages if the message starts with ! or the user has bot somewhere in their name. This cannot be configured to add what your looking for.

Can’t be modified or the creator of KapChat won’t modify it?

The hiding of the exclamation cannot be modified to what your looking for.