Icons not working not just bttv one's even streamers

Hey, I have a lot of icons that don’t work (the bttv ones including the menu) and even some streamer icons do not work for me all I see is the word not the icon itself. I’m using chrome 40.0.2214.111 BTTV version v 6.8R30 Windows 8.1 64 bit I have tried clearing cookies and cache but that did not work (i did not clear my browsing history as well if that is a problem?) I have tried BTTV on Firefox and everything works fine it is just a problem I have with Chrome. Just wondering if there is any advice or idea what I could be doing to get icons working again (everything else works fine) Or if it’s a bug you guys are working on then please forgive my ignorance as you do great work!

Thanks in advance for any help regarding the issue!



Uninstall any other Chrome addons besides BetterTTV, and try clearing your cookies and cache (from the beginning of time).

Thanks it was an issue with Script Safe keep up the great work <3

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