I want to translate BTTV to Turkish if its possible

Hello, my name is Yusuf, I’m 22 years old and using twitch since Oct 4, 2013. I spend at least 3 hours on twitch everyday and besides the streams BTTV is the reason why I like twitch.
I’m Intern on ESL Turkey(currently getting my lessons to be an admin.) and moderator in RiotGamesTurkish channel for tournaments. I also translated almost %40 of the Discord to Turkish.
Thanks to BTTV I can do my job A LOT easier.(Shift Click to Custom Timeout is a blessing for me.)
No matter how good the extension is a lot of people in Turkey can’t use it, either they don’t know about the extension or because its in English. I would like to help you guys to translate BTTV to Turkish if its possible in any way. Thank you for reading and making an amazing extension like this.

With my regards.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but we don’t currently have a way to translate BetterTTV. It’s possible we will have the ability in the future if there is enough interest. Feel free to submit a feature request for it at https://github.com/night/BetterTTV/issues/new

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