I want to make a command that will shout out a users channel and show what game they had streamed last

I want to create a !so command that posts a link to the users twitch and tells them what game they had streamed last but I don’t know how

Hello dabeastlycrispyy.
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Do you see the search option on that forum ? It is on the top right corner.

Here is what you are looking for :
shoutout-command/26232 (sorry I can’t post link : add community nightdev com (slash) t (slash) in front of it)
Have a nice day and don’t hesitate to use that strong search option next time!!!

Here’s the link @wyllich is mentioning:

And as they said, use the search function before posting, please!

Can this be done on Youtube as well? I dont need the last game played

Thank you

Hey @BullDog_7!

Unfortunately there isn’t a $(youtube) variable yet, however @RokettoJanpu came up with a solution for Youtube:

Thank you I found and adapted that command but dont want it triggered by the user, Thanx anyway

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