I want to create a new command, but is so hard, pls help

(if something is misspelled it is because I am using google translator)

I want to create a command similar to “! Game” (upgradeable) How do I do it?

the command I want to create is “!video” the idea is that it be updated as “!game”, that is, as to put “! video (url)” and that when a follower executes the command put “New video! (url previously put)”

I think I get what your saying try this:

!addcom !video -ul=moderator-a=!editcom !game New Video! $(query)

If this isn’t what you want can you please try explaining it more?

I use the command “! game” as an example, not to use it for the new command

Pd: Now that I put the command, how do I delete it? because it is executed incorrectly and when creating it again it tells me that it is already created

Hey @retrocatch!

To delete a command use:

!delcom !commandName

To edit a command, use:

!editcom !commandName response

Read the documentation.

Now, for your commands, you want to have a command for you and your mods to set the new video link, and another command for everyone to call.

Moderators+ command:

!addcom !setvideo -u=mod -a=!editcom !video NEW VIDEO! $(query)

Use !setvideo LINK to replace change the link of the !video command.

For the video command, first delete the current one with !delcom !video because you can’t edit out the set alias, then add it back:

!addcom !video NEW VIDEO!
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