I want my alert to be a Different size

Dear NightDev,
i want to make the following alert take up a lot more space being that i don’t like the set standard of 580x110. I would like my Follow Alert to be any size i want. For example, i’d really like it to take up my whole stream at 1600x900 so that my stream glows, has a border, or flower petals fall down and across the screen. I have the right gif and it is transparent, but the only way i can cover everything is by stretching it in OBS and that makes the font too small and/or the petals wonky. How can i make my Follower Alert the size -I- want?

You would need to change resolution, image link, css and other settings to accommodate for the desired look you want. This can cause problems and we do not suggest doing this because it can cause issues that are out of our hands.

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