I want a video to pop up when someone donates


I’ve seen streamers use this, but how do they do it?


Unfortunately tipping for video plays is a grey legal area that we do not wish to get involved in, sorry.


Grey legal area??? Are you talking about youtube, what’s wrong with that?

You still haven’t answered my questions, people who use stream tip have videos popping up when someone donates.


I believe night is referring to people donating with links to songs that should play and then they play on stream. This is indeed a grey legal area.

Do you have an actual example instead of just “people”? It would be fairly complex to do if at all possible. And there is no direct support for it in streamtip. There is the tip alerter that allows you to show a popup in general, but not a specific video.


I am talking about that you can donate and attach a video to the donation which allows it to be played.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf02-OreyTk


yes, the people who do this are not using streamtip. It is not a function of streamtip because as night said it is a grey legal area.


What are they using then? I mean it literally says “streamtip” in the link to donate…https://streamtip.com/h/brittanyventi


If people extend onto our API they do so at their own risk. We don’t specifically offer that as a feature and do not promote the selling of items through our platform.


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