I want a command that will allow viewers to see how many hours they have been watching total

Can anybody make me or find me a custom api for nightbot that allows viewers to view how many hours or minutes they have been watching

That would require nightbot to be keeping track of users in the viewer list for long periods of time which it is not doing. It doesn’t do any sort of that type of tracking and there would be no real way for it to be a customapi in any trackable sense.

Yes i am using nightbot

This feature isn’t possible with Nightbot as Nightbot doesn’t track user length in streams.

Well is there a bot that will allow me to do that

Yes there are some created that are made to handle that. However I don’t have any to recommend for you.

Well i do have revlo bot could that work

Unfortunately Twitch does not have any sort of API or way of knowing who is watching your stream when they are, so it is not possible to track total time watched per user. Twitch does have this data, but they do not make it available to third parties.

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