I wanna make a meme command, "!ban (user tag)" dunno how

well, as the title says i wanna make a meme command meaning that nightbot wont actually ban the tagged user but will respond with “(user tag) Enjoy your ban, kid.”

or something like that. is it possible?


Copy and paste the following into chat to create the !ban command:

!addcom -cd=5 !ban @$(touser) Enjoy your ban, kid.

it doesnt seem to work :thinking:

i also tried using the “add command” button, and that doesnt work as well :thinking:

it seems like if i put a space in the command line, the bot doesnt ever trigger. cuz “!ban” works, but then it only tags the person that wrote the command. which isnt what im tryna do. im tryng to make the command referred to a specific tagged person so, “!ban @user” will trigger “@user, Enjoy your ban kid.”

maybe this is a lil more clear :smiley:

This should output a response if the command user tags another user. If there is no name in the input, there will be no response:

!addcom -cd=5 !ban $(eval a=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`);a?`${a} Enjoy your ban, kid.`:` `)

sorry for the stupid question but where should i type that? im a noob on nightbot, but i tried to type that in my twitch chat and it doesnt work. i also tried making the bot part chat and return, modding him and unmodding him but nothing, it doesnt seem like it picks up those commands from chat.

nevermind it was cuz i disabled the !command option in the default commands tab.

last question then i will not bother you anymore :smiley: what if i wanna edit the command or remove it? whats the code line

Glad you got the command working. :+1:

To edit the command:

!editcom !ban [new command response]

To delete the command:

!delcom !ban

thanks a lot!! now it works!

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