I type in commands, but Nigthbot isn't there

he doesn’t respond to the spam protection, or even protect the stream from spam. Commands aren’t working either. He keeps track of messages and most used command, but doesn’t do anything on the stream.

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Did you double check on all these:

Nightbot isn’t banned: /unban Nightbot
Nightbot isn’t ignored: /unignore Nightbot
Nightbot is joined to your channel: https://beta.nightbot.tv/dashboard Click “Join Channel”
Nightbot is modded: /mod Nightbot
Nightbot’s default commands are enabled: Go to https://beta.nightbot.tv/commands/default and have at least the default !commands enabled.

Furthermore, if you are using Nightbot on YouTube, you must be live with your stream set to public, and you must be viewing “Live Chat” so that you may see Nightbot’s responses to your commands.

He’s protecting the stream now, but not talking when I type commands… as a matter of fact I can’t even use /mod or !mod or whatever it is. I had to mod my viewer manually. Is there a way commands may be turned off?

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The only ways Nightbot command responses are blocked is if you ban/ignore/make it leave your channel.

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