I need some help with a counter command

Hi i need some help with how to reset a command (as in counter) can you help me with that

Hiya, assuming you use the Nightbot $(count) variable, you can reset the command to the Nightbot dashboard, by editing the command and setting the count field to 0.

Or you can add a command that resets the counter when you use it:
!commands add !reset -a=!commands edit !countcommand \-c=0

Change !countcommand to the correct command with the $(count) in it.

I have tried this command it didn’t work as it does not change the $(count) variable just but just kept it exactly the same.

The above command setup should work. Here is an example below of setting up a !count and !reset command. You can modify them to your liking when adding them to your chat.

!commands add !count The counter is at $(count)

!commands add !reset -a=!commands edit !count \-c=0

Remember that if you rename !count, you also have to change !count to the new command name in the syntax for adding !reset

Oh i think i made my count command different to the one that you have made thanks for the help and sorry for any inconveniences.