I need help with timer and custom commands

I have my nightbot in chat and modded but I cant get !welcome to work in chat. All it does if write in !welcome instead of the message I have assigned. As for the timer I haven’t seen the timer message go off once. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

I’m assuming that there is something in the Alias part of your command that isn’t a command. The Alias function is used to call other commands not to place commands to use it.

As for timer messages set the required line limit to something reachable like 2, check that its enabled and make sure that anything in the alias box is a real command.

Thanks I realized what I was doing wrong and you were exactly right. It was the Alias function that was messing it up for both problems. I just left the alias blank and now it works like a charm!

i still dont know how to make a timer thats why i came here :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:disappointed:

If you need help you should create a new topic, or just search the forums there are plenty of topics about timers:

Nightbot Docs - Timers

Forum search

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