I need help with Nightbot Ranks

“This is minimum required userlevel to be exempt from this filter. Userlevels are listed from highest to lowest.”

Where and how do I tell Nightbot what ranks are which?

The ranks are
Everyone - Subscriber - Regular - Moderator - Owner.
In that order.

Not like that, I am saying how does the nightbot know which rank is moderator, which rank is regular, which one is subscriber, and which one is everyone.

Nightbot gets that information from the chat itself, with the exception of Regulars, which is a managed list in the control panel.

By control panel do you mean https://beta.nightbot.tv/dashboard?
If so then where am I able to manage the list?
If not then tell me what do you mean please.

You can manage regulars at: https://beta.nightbot.tv/regulars

Also see the !regulars command info, to add/delete regulars in your chat:

It says it is for YouTube ranks… I need to know how to edit what ranks are what. Like what is a moderator and what is a regular.

You cannot edit the ranks, unfortunately. You can assign moderators via YouTube’s chat system, and regulars via our control panel.

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