I need help im still a little new

im still new to nightbot so could someone tell me in a more…simpler and broken down way what $(eval), $(query) does, also for the 8ball command its to large to fit in a !command add message on youtube and to big for me to put it in on the nightbot website, so is there any way it could be shortened?

$(query) and $(user) are Nightbot Custom Variables, which add for dynamic content to be added to your commands. $(user) for example will replace the variable with the username of the person who called the command. You can learn more about Custom Variables here.

The normal 8ball command listed on our docs site is well under the max character limit. You might be entering in something else by mistake.

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im very sorry and i really hate arguing…but i copy and pasted it 7 times and its still over 200 characters

Sorry through you were using Twitch, you can enter the command in the dashboard to avoid that limit on YouTube.

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ok im so so so sorry that this is getting annoying but all that i can fit is “$(eval const responses = [‘All signs point to yes…’, ‘Yes!’, ‘My sources say nope.’, ‘You may rely on it.’, ‘Concentrate and ask again…’, ‘Outlook not so good…’, ‘It is decidedly so!’, 'Better” and then nothing else will fit

You’re correct, I didn’t think we limited the dashboard command length. You’ll either have to shorten down to fit that length or use a Custom API to include for more responses. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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how do i shorten it down

you shorten it down by reducing the length of responses or reducing the number of responses

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