I need Help creating a Simple List

I Don’t Know if This is a Thing but Oh well

For a While now ive Been looking for a !List or Something Similar because I Stream Smash and Mario Kart alot and I always get lost in who is next to race and Feel it’s unfair for those who need to wait longer due to Que Jumpers So all I am asking for is A way or A Tutorial for something close to this:-
(I Don’t want a referral to another site unless its a Tutorial}

!joinBL -Everyone (BL - Battlelist)
!leaveBL -Everyone
!BL -Everyone (Show’s the Current List)
!removeBL [Name] -Moderator/Owner

What your looking for is called a “queue system”. And currently this is not supported or possible with the default Nightbot. There are a couple other chat bot that do handle this but Nightbot isn’t one of them.

The better solution is to use a Google Form: https://www.google.com/forms/about/

Bots are, in my opinion, a bad solution to managing lists. Despite the convenience of adding to a list, the acts of removing from a list and listing its contents is a bad experience. We might in the future offer a way for Nightbot to add directly to a Google form, but for the moment this isn’t possible.

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