I must open nightbot app to start playing songlist?


Im a twitch streamer of LOL. Im using nightbot and OBS to have music background when im on the LOL Client (Launcher). All works great, when i open the nightbot app and go to current songs and click start song, it shows me the current song at OBS, automatically when this song finished go to the next… and all of that. My question is:

For start playing the songs when i start stream, i need to open the NightBot app and click to “play”? (The next songs i know that automatically Nightbot will start it, but i dont know if i need to manually start the first song or there are a way to start the songs even without open the Nightbot App, only starting stream from OBS.


The Nightbot App must be open in order to have AutoDJ play and control the song file that OBS uses. To my knowledge this cannot be accomplished just with opening OBS (without advanced scripting knowledge).

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