I have a bug with Nightbot

I stopped using Nightbot some time ago I forgot to make the bot leave my channel when I changed the name and now the bot is stuck on my channel while the dashboard says its not on my channel.

Screenshots: Dashboard, Channel chat

When nightbot is set as “parted” that means it’s not reading or responding to any messages in the channel. It’s essentially ignoring it. It usually takes a full bot restart for it to leave the channel, this is because it was fairly common for people to spam the join/part button. So it may take some time, just know that nightbot isn’t actually attributing to viewer count, and will not read or respond to any messages.

Okay thanks I didnt spam the button I changed the channel name only so the bug came from that.

Oh, i read your message wrong, my apologies. If you log out and log back in to nightbot that should set nightbot to join your new channel name instead.

edit: what are the names of each channel? old and new?

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