I could not login to NightBot via YT

Few month ago I was configured nightbot for my Youtube Channel. And it works just fine.
Later I got 2 month pauses for livestreams and week ago continued it. But I’ve noticed that NightBot is no longer appears in my chats. I was wondering why, tried to login on nightbot.tv and suddenly there is no Youtube login button. But as I can see on html code - it should be there. But with style=‘display: none…’

All details in this short screen capture: https://youtu.be/fwWzw6y6go4

I see that other people got it working on youtube.

The button is probably removed due to an ad-blocker. Disable them and reload the page.

I’ve disabled AdBlock plus and it still invisible.

Sorry, it was uBlock. I’m so sorry to distrub everyone

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