I close StreamTip Alert and lost the recent tips list


First sorry for my bad english…

I used Xsplitt with 2 pc and 1 acquisition card. So i open 2 streamtips alert, one to hear the sound on the pc with the acquisition card, one on the pc with Xsplitt, to have the Top list and most recent list on Xsplitt.

I just make some test ( had trouble with sound, always the same sound launch, its ok now) erase the Test Tip, and close the streamtip alert on the PC with Xsplitt

Unfortunately, when i re opened it, its says : Nothing here Yet !! but i had 5 donation yesterday… and donation are on the Streamtip.com/tips … how can i recover Streamtip Alerter donation Top list and most recent plz, that’s make me crazzzzzzzzzzy :wink:

ok used the exclamation mark, and its came back, i resended the alert. How its works ? if i close Streamtip alert, i need to resend the tips all the times ?

The downloadable application is a real-time alerter. It doesn’t display any history upon opening.

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