I can't update it on Opera. Is it still broken?

I’m using opera browser, latest version and I’m trying to get bettertwitch to install but every time I open up the .nex file it opens a new popup very briefly and then closes by itself. My current BT version is 6.8 and it can’t go any higher and I’m well aware that there is a new version available for download.
I disabled all my other addons like popup blocker, adblock, even antivirus but nothing is happening.
Any help? Restarting the browser does nothing either.

Not sure what you mean by “still broken” we have not received any reports of it being broken on opera. That being said i installed opera from scratch and BetterTTV installed just fine.

Also there is no opera extension newer than 6.8. The extension dynamically loads the content that modifies twitch and there is no need to update the extension.

Ok so… the version on opera is stuck on 6.8. As far as I’m concerned the newest version is 7.0.30 for Opera and it says so right on the main page too… or am I mistaken? Right now bettertwitch isn’t even functioning at all. There’s a notification in the settings that say:
:rotating_light: :construction: :warning:️ BetterTTV for Twitch’s new site is incomplete. We know things are broken/missing. :warning::construction: :rotating_light:

So i’m assuming it’s “still broken” because I can’t even use bettertwitch at all, nothing works. No emotes, no past message logs in chat, it’s just regular twitch with a non-functional extension.

If you click the About tab in the BetterTTV you get the Version. You are on the lastest version, features are just missing (as the warning states). Emotes work fine, be sure they are enabled. Past message logs in chat are not yet added and hence are not shown.

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