I can't hear the music I've requested

I have music enabled songs requested and its not coming through? Sorry to keep anoying you!

Can you specify your problem?
Did you manage to get Nightbot in the chat?
Did Nightbot confirm the songs you requested?
Are the songs appearing in: https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests ?

Yes I have nightbot and commands are all going through fine just no sound when I request a song I have song requests enabled and they are on the list just the song isn’t playing

Ok, do you atleast “see” the song playing at https://beta.nightbot.tv/song_requests but you just dont hear anything, or is nothing playing at all.

If it’s playing, check the volume control on the right side off the page make sure it’s not muted. Also check if your browser isn’t muted in the windows volume mixer.

If you wish to stream requested music through your live stream, it must be sent through your live streaming software. OBS or XSplit must be configured to listen to the audio from the AutoDJ player. It is not possible to stream song requests from a device like a PS4 or Xbox One. It’s just not possible and probably never will be.

how do you make obs listen to the audio?

If you’re having trouble capturing desktop audio on OBS, you might want to head to https://obsproject.com/forum/ for assistance with OBS.

I’ve found the problem, Razer Synapse wasn’t allowing obs to capture desktop audio.

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